Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting our virtual gallery!

The Academy of Fabulous Art Stuff is a not for profit venture that hopes to raise money for some popular charities by making the images available for download for private and personal use. Use them for your greetings cards, calendars or to frame and keep for your own pleasure. All we ask is you make a donation to the charities through our donation page.

The Academy of Fabulous Art Stuff is about having fun with photography, painting and drawing, and sharing art to entertain, inspire and spread the joy!

Get involved - share your fabulous art stuff here

If you paint, draw, sketch or doodle there will be some results that you will say to yourself; ‘that’s not bad…’ Don’t keep it to yourself. You can upload it here and share it with others who have the same interest in Art-Stuff. Give it a try, it’s so easy to do, share and tell you friends and family so they can share their stuff, too. To share just use the contact us email link, attach your work with a brief description if you want and we will upload your work.

Let’s create a Gallery of Fabulous Art Stuff.